Inappropriate and little adequate: Maria Zakharova on Seoul’s reaction to the Russian-DPRK summit

The journalist of our publication touched upon the recent visit of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un to Russia. Seoul reacted rather harshly to the trip of the head of North Korea to the Far East.

In particular, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yun Sok Yol said that “military cooperation between North Korea and Russia is illegal and wrong, since it contradicts UN Security Council resolutions and various international sanctions.” Threats of retaliatory measures were voiced in the event of deals between Moscow and Pyongyang on the supply of weapons and the transfer of missile technology.

“How could you comment on such statements by South Korean officials?,” The question was asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that these statements can only be called “inappropriate and little adequate.” If Seoul remembered sanctions and international law, then I would like to remind you that, first of all, South Korea should be responsible for its own actions in this area and not join illegal unilateral sanctions, in particular against Russia.

The diplomat pointed out that the Russian Federation considers Seoul’s reaction emotional and calls on the country’s authorities not to focus on rumors and speculation. Rash decisions made on such a shaky basis would seriously damage the attitude between our countries, which are already going through difficult times due to Seoul’s accession to anti-Russian sanctions and the country’s participation in the American policy of extended deterrence within the framework of the international alliance of the United States and Japan.

The past summit between Moscow and Pyongyang not only does not lead to an aggravation of the situation on the Korean peninsula, but, on the contrary, contributes to its reduction. Ultimately, this will only be in the interests of Seoul itself.

“If there are questions, something you want to clarify or recheck the nuances, you probably need to run not to the microphone, not focus on newspaper articles, on tabloids, but you need to work along the diplomatic line, develop contacts, maintain opportunities for dialogue and communicate as the theory and practice of diplomacy suggests,” Maria Zakharova said.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry is always ready for such work, despite the difference in views and approaches. But everything should happen on an equal and mutually respectful basis.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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