The ex-head of the Omsk Federal Tax Service was given 6 years for a bribe of 10 million rubles. from a businessman for exclusion from the tax audit plan

Vladimir Repin

October 9 Central District Court of Omsk sentenced in the case of a bribe, of which the ex-head of the Office of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation for the Omsk Region was found guilty of receiving Vladimir Repin. He was detained in Moscow in October 2022 and transferred to the Omsk pre-trial detention center.

Dmitry Grigoriev

The prosecution believes that Repin received 10 million rubles from the general director of Neftegazstroymontazh LLC Dmitry Nemish for excluding several companies from the plan of on-site tax audits in 2021. According to the latter, the ex-official literally extorted this money from him, threatening him with serious and continuous pressure from the department he headed at that time. Nemish decided that it would be cheaper to pay once and agreed. He transferred an amount in foreign currency equivalent to 10 million rubles at that time. The mediator was lawyer Dmitry Grigoriev., 06/28/2023, “Repin’s scheme: the former head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Omsk Region received a bribe in dollar equivalent”: In July 2021, lawyer Grigoriev learned from his friend the head of the tax office, Repin, that on-site tax audits were planned for three organizations of Neftegazstroymontazh…

Questions immediately arise: why does tax officer Repin inform some lawyer Grigoriev about audits of the business of entrepreneur Nemish? For what purpose? The answer suggests itself: taxman Repin could not help but know that there is something to take from Nemish and his Neftegazstroymontazh in “dollar” equivalent. In other words, Repin told his accomplice Grigoriev the name of the next victim! This particular version is supported by the ease with which lawyer Grigoriev, again from the words of state prosecutor Shakunenko, quickly resolved all the issues: Having informed Nemish about this (the planned checks), the lawyer offered to act as an intermediary in the transfer of the bribe to Repin – to the exclusion of all these organizations from inspection plan. He agreed, and in September 2021, Grigoriev offered Repin a bribe: all that was needed was to remove a few lines from the inspection plan – with the names of the organizations Neftegazstroymontazh LLC.

Repin said “yes,” entrusting Grigoriev with determining the amount of the bribe. […] The lawyer contacted Nemish, informing him of Repin’s agreement to remove his organization from the inspection plan for a bribe. This suited him: the amount was set at 10 million rubles. At the end of August – beginning of September 2021, Repin, in his office in the building of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Omsk Region, instructed his subordinate Rogozina (we write her last name by ear), who did not know about his motives, not to include the Neftegazstroymontazh organization in the inspection plan. On December 21, 2021, Grigoriev informed Nemish that the 10 million bribe should be transferred to Repin in dollar equivalent on January 15, 2022. After that, Nemish in his office handed Grigoriev this equivalent – about 130 thousand US dollars, and the lawyer took it to Repin (it looks like a house). Grigoriev kept part of the money for himself for the “service.” — Insert

Dmitry Nemish
Dmitry Nemish

Let us remind you that 49-year-old Vladimir Repin headed the Federal Tax Service for the Omsk Region from 2012 until the summer of 2021; after his resignation, he moved to work in Moscow at his own request. However, the move did not really help the ex-official. The security forces were already aware of his machinations.

“This criminal case was opened based on the materials of the operational investigative activities of the FSB Directorate for the Omsk Region,” Lilia Shakunenko, senior prosecutor of the appeal department of the Criminal Judicial Department of the Omsk Region Prosecutor’s Office, said during the meeting.

During the investigation, Repin and his accomplice Grigoriev were taken into custody. They had been there since October last year. Entrepreneur Nemish was first also sent to a pre-trial detention center, then the preventive measure was softened and he was placed under house arrest.

The criminal case was submitted to the Central Court in June. Four months later, Deputy Chairman of the Court Sergei Buchakov announced the verdict in this high-profile corruption case.

Vladimir Repin and Dmitry Grigoriev listened to him while in a cage, Dmitry Nemish was free in the hall. However, he also prepared for a possible arrest today and took a bag of things with him.

Repin was sentenced to 6 years in a maximum security colony. He will have to pay the state 10 million rubles – the amount of the bribe; his apartment in Moscow has been seized as collateral. In addition, he will not be able to hold positions in the civil service for five years.

Grigoriev was sentenced to five years in a maximum security colony, fined 10 million rubles, and banned from practicing law for five years.

Dmitry Nemish will replenish the state treasury the most. He was ordered to pay a fine equal to twice the bribe. However, taking into account the time spent in custody and house arrest, the amount was slightly reduced – to 18 million rubles. Apart from this, he received no other punishment.

As a guarantor, the property of all defendants was seized until they pay the assigned compensation., 05.20.2022, “The head of the Omsk department of the Federal Tax Service reported an income of 15 million rubles before leaving”: The income of the head of the Federal Tax Service for the Omsk Region, Vladimir Repin, for 2021 amounted to almost 15.2 million rubles. By compared to 2020 it grew more than 7 times. In addition, Vladimir Repin bought a second apartment with an area of ​​75.9 square meters. m. The area of ​​the first is 53.3 sq. m. m.

He didn’t have to take out a mortgage. As noted on the department’s website, he paid for the deal with money accumulated over previous years and money from the sale of other property – a cottage with an area of ​​185.6 square meters. m and a land plot of 657 sq. m. Vladimir Repin also owned a plot of land with an area of ​​600 square meters. m and a Nissan Teana passenger car. — Insert

After the verdict was announced, all the convicts briefly answered the judge’s question that they understood the essence of the decision.

Their wives came to support the convicts at the verdict. And, apparently, only one of them was happy with this outcome.

“Dima has been released!” — she joyfully shared with someone on the phone, immediately after leaving the hall.

But the relatives of Repin and Grigoriev looked extremely upset and were indignant at the unfair verdict, in their opinion:

“Of course, when there is money, the situation is special. Why was he released? It’s unclear,” the women were indignant.

Repin and Grigoriev were taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs and taken back to the pre-trial detention center. They will remain there until the verdict comes into force. And this process will probably drag on. The decision can still be appealed.


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Кто весь день работает, тому некогда зарабатывать деньги.